Confucius Institute at the University of the Philippines-Diliman (CI-UPD)


To preserve the deep-rooted friendship between China and the Philippines. The Confucius Institute at UP (CIUP) is committed to strengthening our sense of solidarity and goodwill as a single nation that has contributed to our rich culture, boosted economic and cultural partnerships, strengthened people-to-people exchanges and mutual understanding towards common development and prosperity.


To strive to provide anyone interested in learning Chinese language and culture, to build local teacher's capacity through professional Chinese language learning training, to facilitate a harmonious platform for dialogues and exchanges on various levels between the Republic of the Philippines and People's Republic of China, to promote social and economic research that encourage deep understanding of modern China, specifically, China's One Belt and One Road initiative.


CI-UPD is committed to:

  1. Propagate the seeds of harmony and friendship between the two countries.
  2. Reinforce people-to-people exchanges through cultural and educational diplomacy.
  3. Maintain an excellent reputation for offering quality Chinese Mandarin Language Teaching and Learning that suits the local conditions and needs.
  4. Explore possibilities of teaching Minnan, which is a dialect spoken by Chinese in the Philippines, and for which Overseas Education College of Xiamen University has expertise.
  5. Become an authorized testing center for Chinese Language Proficiency Tests (YCT, HSK, HSKK, and BCT) in Metro Manila.
  6. Lead joint projects with the mainstream Philippine Society and Chinese communities through scholarships sponsored by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters.
  7. Set up a library of Chinese arts and literature.
  8. Provide a vehicle to showcase contemporary Chinese art and culture during the 'three tours' activity (Performance tour, Teaching material exhibition tour, Cultural lecture tour).
  9. Establish an organization/association of Filipino-Chinese alumni of UPD ("Friends of CI-UPD) to generate additional funds to be used to support expenditures and the development and expansion of CI-UPD.