Confucius Institute at the University of the Philippines-Diliman (CI-UPD)

Confucius Institute at the University of the Philippines-Diliman (CI-UPD)


The CI-UPD is the 476th CI worldwide, 16th CI established by XMU as a partner and the 4th CI in the Republic of the Philippines. 菲律宾国立大学孔子学院(以下简称“菲大孔院”)是全球第476所孔子学院,是厦门大学第16所共建孔子学院,是菲律宾境内的第4所孔子学院。

To set up the Confucius Institute at the University of the Philippines Diliman, UP President Alfredo Pascual, and Hanban chief executive Mme. Xu Lin signed a memorandum of agreement followed by the signing of the implementation agreement between UP Diliman Chancellor Michael L. Tan and XMU President Dr. Zhu Chongshi on December 7, 2014. CI-UPD was inaugurated on October 12, 2015.

2014年12月7日,时任孔子学院总部干事、国家汉办主任许琳,菲律宾国立大学校长Alfredo E.Pascual共同签署合作共建孔子学院协议,时任厦门大学校长朱崇实、菲律宾大学迪利曼分校校长Michael L.Tan代表两校签署合作共建孔子学院执行协议。菲律宾国立大学孔子学院于2015年10月12日正式挂牌成立。

Confucius Institute of University of the Philippines Diliman is a collaborative educational and service partnership between the University of the Philippines (UPD), Xiamen University (XMU), and Confucius Institute Headquarters. The collaboration is based on shared values and visions with regard to Chinese education and cultural understanding. 菲大孔院是菲律宾国立大学迪利曼校区、中国厦门大学和孔子学院总部合作建立的教育服务性机构。该合作关系基于对中国教育和文化理解的共同价值观与愿景。

CI-UPD will continuously add new vigor to the great cause of Chinese language education. CI-UPD has become an important brand for the promotion of Chinese language and the platform for partnerships in the Education sector (146 city colleges and universities under the League of Cities of the Philippines, the Business sector: Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (PCCI) and 150 local chambers, the Government sector: Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), Department of Foreign Affairs-Foreign Service Institute (DFA-FSI), and Bureau of Immigration (BI) and the tourism sector: Clark Development Corporation (CDC) and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) are taking additional steps to handle the influx of Chinese tourists and investors, beginning with training their personnel in the Chinese language and culture.


The Confucius Institute is a non-profit public educational organization that promotes Chinese language and culture. It is affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and is usually likened with Instituto Cervantes of Spain, the Goethe-Institut of Germany, Alliance Française of France, and the British Council of the United Kingdom, which promote the language and culture of Spain, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, respectively.



To preserve the deep-rooted friendship between China and the Philippines, the Confucius Institute at UP (CIUP) is committed to strengthening our sense of solidarity and goodwill as a single nation that has contributed to our rich culture, boosted economic and cultural partnerships, strengthened people-to-people exchanges and mutual understanding towards common development and prosperity. 中菲两国友谊源远流长。菲大孔院致力于继续推动两国团结友好,丰富中菲文化内涵,增进双方经济合作和文化伙伴关系,加强两国人民的相互交流与理解,进而共同发展共同繁荣。


The mission of the CI-UPD is to strive to offer anyone interested in learning the Chinese language and culture the opportunity to learn, to build local teacher's capacity through professional Chinese language learning training, to facilitate a harmonious platform for dialogues and exchanges at various levels between the Republic of the Philippines and the People's Republic of China, to promote social and economic research that encourages deep understanding of modern China, especially, China's Belt and Road initiative, with the research-intensive focus as its unique feature among all the CIs. 菲大孔院致力于为有志于学习中国语言文化的菲大学生和当地民众提供学习机会,通过中国语言的专业训练打造专业师资队伍,促进建设两国之间在各种层次上对话和交流的和谐平台,推进有利于理解现代中国经济和社会的研究,尤其是中国的“一带一路”、“人类命运共同体”的倡议研究,并以建设研究型孔子学院为发展特色。


CI-UPD is committed to: (1) propagate the seeds of harmony and friendship between the two countries; (2) reinforce people-to-people exchanges through cultural and educational diplomacy; (3) maintain an excellent reputation for offering quality Chinese Mandarin Language Teaching and Learning that suits the local conditions and needs; (4) explore possibilities of teaching Minnan, which is a dialect spoken by Chinese in the Philippines, and for which Overseas Education College of Xiamen University has expertise; (5) become an authorized testing center for Chinese Language Proficiency Tests (YCT, HSK, HSKK, and BCT) in Metro Manila; (6) set up a library of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese arts and literature; and (7) lead joint projects with the mainstream Philippine Society and Chinese communities through scholarships sponsored by the International Language Education and Cooperation and Chinese International Education Foundation; (8) provide a vehicle to showcase contemporary Chinese art and culture during the 'three tours' activity: performance tour, teaching material exhibition tour; 9 strengthen the educational and research cooperation between China and the Philippines, particularly in the areas of language, art, literature, film, culture, the natural and social sciences, and engineering, medicine, agriculture, and aquaculture; and (10) establish an organization/association of Filipino-Chinese alumni of UPD ("Friends of CI-UPD) to generate additional funds to be used to support expenditures and the development and expansion of CI-UPD. 菲大孔院的发展目标: (1)在两国之间传播和谐与友谊的种子; (2)通过文化教育外交加强人文交流; (3)因地制宜地提供优质的汉语普通话教学。 (4)探索闽南语教学的可能性,闽南语是菲律宾华人所说的方言,厦门大学海外教育学院对此有专门探索; (5)成为大马尼拉区的汉语水平考试(YCT,HSK,HSKK和BCT)的授权考试中心; (6)建立中医、中国文学与艺术的图书馆; (7)通过国际语言教育与合作和中国国际教育基金会赞助的奖学金,与菲律宾主流社会和华人社区牵头开展联合项目; (8)在“三巡”活动(巡演,巡展,巡讲)中提供展示中国当代艺术文化的工具; (9)加强中菲两国在教育、科研方面的合作,尤其是在语言、艺术、文学、电影、文化、自然科学和社会科学、工程、医学、农业和水产养殖等领域。 (10)建立菲大孔院校友会,以招募更多资金来支持菲大孔院的持续发展。

CI-UPD Unique Features | 菲大孔院特色

CI-UPD aims to transform its CI into an academic and integrative part of UPD as well as the local communities. 菲大孔院以打造学术型孔院为目标,积极融入菲律宾大学和当地社区的学术圈。 More Academic: CI-UPD will make a part of the mainstream functions of UPD: research, teaching and service. 更具学术性:未来,菲大孔院将在研究、教学和服务当地社区方面进一步融入菲大迪利曼校区,成为其中重要组成部分。 • The UP is the country’s national university; • Under its Charter of 2008 (RA 9500), UP is mandated to perform its unique and distinctive leadership in higher education and development; • Research will be embedded in the culture of CI-UPD; • CI-UPD’s comprehensive approach goes beyond language programs, given the many possible ties with units in UP Diliman; • CI-UPD has several strategic hubs outside of the Diliman campus: UP Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga and Olongapo (UPDEPPO), the heart of Central Luzon development • 菲律宾国立大学是该国的国立大学; •根据《 2008年宪章》(共和国9500号法案),菲律宾国立大学被授权在高等教育和发展领域发挥其独特而独特的领导作用; • 将学术研究融入菲大孔院文化 • 除了语言项目外,菲大孔院还将拓展与学校其他部门的合作领域和机会 • 在菲大迪利曼校区之外,菲大孔院的发展重心还包括在中吕宋岛核心开发区的邦板牙省和奥隆阿波的课程推广计划 More Integrative: CI-UPD is actively involved in community engagement efforts. 更具整合性:菲大孔院积极参与社区参与服务 Partners: Department of Foreign Affairs-Foreign Service Institute (DFA-FSI); Bureau of Immigration (BI); Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO); Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., (PCCI); Clark Development Corporation (CDC); Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA); National Book Development Board; League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) 146 schools; Pilot schools: University of Makati (UMAK); City College of Angeles (CCA); Mabalacat City College (MCC); 合作伙伴:外交部外交事务研究所;移民局;总统府新闻部;菲律宾工商联合会;克拉克发展公司;苏比克湾城市管理局;国家图书发展委员会;菲律宾城市联盟的146所学校; 试点学校:马卡蒂大学;安吉利斯城市学院;玛巴拉卡特城市学院;